Our Services

A Family Connection

After a lifetime of caring for someone–especially a child, seeing that child move on can be difficult. EGH works with families to provide a smooth tranisition to his/her new home. We are here to help on every level. Communication with the family and their support is essential. Helping the individuals we serve live life to the fullest is a team effort.

Services include but are not limited to: Residential Services, In-Home Services, and Semi-Independent Living Services (SILS).

Residential Services

  • Family-like home environments, where residents have the security and freedom to be themselves, enjoy life, and take part in the community
  • Supervision, training, and support are provided on site 24-hours a day by trained program staff
  • Residential services are funded through ICF-MR services, or the DD waiver
EGH, Inc. is an outstanding organization. There seems to be nothing they don’t cover in providing care, opportunities for growth, social activities, family involvement, a wholesome atmosphere, assistance with state required reports and covering all state requirements and more… EGH is the best thing that could have happened for our daughter and for our family. We never could have done for her all the ways in which this has enriched her life. I don’t know how I would have managed without this organization. 
Peg Fling

In-Home Services

  • Participants live with family, or on their own
  • Programs are highly individualized
  • Staff work one-on-one with persons served at his/her home on everyday tasks such as money management, housekeeping, personal care, cooking, and development of other life skills
  • EGH provides 24-hour a day on call staffing
  • In-home services are funded through the DD waiver program, or through private pay
Over ten years ago, I was asked by our priest at St. Martins By the Lake, Rev. Len Freeman, to consider serving on the board of EGH. I was asked because our son John was autistic and Rev Freeman thought I could bring some insight and understanding to the board. Ten years later, it has been a wonderful experience working with a talented bunch or hardworking people both on the staff of EGH and fellow board members past and present. John has recently moved in to EGH and is as happy as I have seen him in years. There is magic at EGH and I hope it continues for many years.
Mike Mason

Semi-Independent Living Services


  • Services uniquely designed to meet the needs and desires of adults with developmental disabilities
  • Participants live with family, or on their own
  • EGH staff work with the individual and their support team to develop a custom care plan that emphasizes health and safety
  • Semi-Independent Living Skills Services can be funded using county funds or through private pay