About EGH

Our Vision

To push the horizon of traditional care, offering our clients access to a better world, a more accepting world, and a world in which they have a chance to realize their full potential.

Our Philosophy

At EGH, we strongly encourage skill development, relationship building, and self-determination, as opposed to simply providing a protective environment. Training in self-help an social skills, along with opportunities to experience the natural consequence of decisions and behavior, promote growth toward maximum self-sufficiency.

Our Mission

To provide quality residential services to persons with developmental disabilities, creating for them a supportive and challenging environment and the opportunity to develop skills essential to functioning as members of a community.

Our History

Episcopal Group Homes was incorporated as a non-profit agency in 1977 by a small group of members of St. Martin’s By-the-Lake Episcopal church. EGH has a continuing and important relationship with members of St. Martin’s.
Our founders believed that the people in their lives with mild or moderate disabilities were being under-served by publicly financed programs. They were convinced that if given the opportunity, those individuals had the ability to learn the behaviors and skills necessary to live productive and independent lives. They believed that all they needed was a nurturing, supportive, and educational environment.
Our founders wanted to create an entity of service for adults with developmental disabilities that would inspire disabled adults and help them reach their full potential.

Toward that end, the founders of EGH purchased and donated a home in Wayzata to establish Shadyway, a residence for six adults with developmental disabilities.

EGH Today
Today Episcopal Group Homes is making that original dream a reality by continuing to be a place where families feel comfortable transitioning their sons and daughters into a residential setting that provides the professional support and care they need and deserve.

The future looks dynamic and hopeful, invigorated by the accomplishments of 40 years of service.